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Attention,  please follow exactly  to the  construction manual !          FIGURES

Constructed together the star  consists of  17 foursquare and 8  threesquare  jags .
Additional in the packing  are brackets for assembling , 1 web for hanging and two reserve jags .


1. At first the holes of the small frames of all jags have to prick  enough big  with a suitable object.
    do it from below (in direction jag tip).
    ( at the white - red and yellow -red  star the lowest jag is red, therefor follows: at this star the small frames of the
     red jags lie visible external)

2. Please begin with  the lowest foursquare jag (a). On this one fix  another 4 foursquare jags with help of the
    brackets. ( bend metal bracket shanks, possibly plastic brackets widen  after pricking with a small turnscrew).
    The small frames of the 4 jags  have to lie inside  on the small frame of the lowest jag (a)

3. Now close the 4 gaps with 4 threesquare jags. for example: the threesquare jag (f) will be mounted  on the neighbour
    foursquare jags.

4. Following a ring of 8 foursquare jags is to clamp on the accrued lower half of the spherical half.
    Please begin  with a threesquare  jag. f.i. (i). The foursquare jag (j) will be fixed inside on the frame of
    the threesquare  jag (i). The next foursquare jag (k) will be fixed outside, the third foursquare jag again will
    be fixed inside etc. as long as the ring is closed.

5. Please make the same with the upper spherical half in mirror reflection to the lower half. Please begin with  the threesquare  jag,
    f.i. (r). It will be stuck, which already was mounted over the threesquare  jag (i) of the lower half.
    F.I. the mounting of the foursquare jag(s) follows  inside on the foursquare jag(k). Then again  the  threesquare  jag outside,
    etc. as long as the ring is closed.

E.Noennig 1999/12/05