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In the year 1970 after global renewal the reinauguration of the organ of Tobias Heinrich Gottfried Trost from the year 1746 took place . As monument of baroque organ architecture Central Germany this instrument earns special attention after its restoration. Trost lived from 1670 to 1759 and belonged to the most important Thuringian constructors of organs of the 18. century it worked first in the environment of the town Gotha and went around 1721/1722 to Altenburg, where he attainedt the title of a  "Fuerstlicher Hof-, Stadt- und Landorgelbaumeister " . In September 1739 Johann Sebastian Bach came to Altenburg, in order to test an organ manufactured by Trost there in the castle church. The Bach follower J.Fr. Acricola and J.L.Krebs estimated this instrument much; in particular Krebs as Altenburg court organist let ring out so some Bach organ factory on it. 

published in "Leipziger Volkszeitung" 1970,10,21 , Autor H-h 


new bells 1955