Peak Lenin - Expedition 2002                                                                            

Welcome to the homepage of our small expedition to Peak Lenin (7.134 m).
period of time:
5th of August till 3rd of September 2002


Rainer Bauch, Wehr / Altenburg /Germany
Edgar Nönnig, Thonhausen/Germany

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View to Peak Lenin / Alai-chain (Pamir-mountains, Kyrgyzstan).

The Peak Lenin, located at the border area between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, was the aim of our small expedition in August 2002. The ascent was carried out via the classic route of the northern side, at first to the Peak Razdelnaya
(6148 m), and then further over the west-ridge. Greater technical difficulties aren't required during the climbing of  this route. The difficulties lie primarily in the big distances between the high camps and at the column zones to be
not underestimated, particularly on the way to camp 2.
Unfortunately we hadn't climbed the Peak Lenin completely. The ascent was broken off in approx. 6,600 m height. Problems with our expedition baggage, which didn't arrive in time (at the beginning of the journey in Bishkek) as well as bad weather and illness in the camp 1 were some reasons for more and more time delay. These days were missing at the end for a sufficient height acclimatization and therefore for the reaching of the Peak Lenin.

As our previous mountain undertakings in the past, it was also this time a privately organized and independent mountain expedition. We only had taken up the services of local agencies for the corresponding papers and for our journey to the base camp Atshik Tash. After it we climbed again completely independently and alone for us at the mountain

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